Our Ferry Services


The very first site which was started on 21.10.2003 & constantly working since its first day at all times and in all seasons.


This service was started in 2007 & saved lots of time and hassle for transportation from Raigad to Ratnagiri.


This Ferry service was started for the easy & better transportation from Guhagar & Ratnagiri thus making Guhagar tehesil easily accessible.


This is the Ferry service oriented towards Tourism & Fishing . As a result, many tourists started preferring their weekends at Alibaug & nearby lovely places.

Cruise Service

There is a lot of increase in tourism in Kokan region & people like to see & visit new places every time. Hence, started CRUISE service like ‘Goa- Cruise’.

Inland Vessel Service

Service aims at transporting various material & machinery through water to destinations. It has made transportation more economic and swift.

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