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photo Yogesh and Bhai-webDr. Yogesh Mokal (Managing Director)   &   Dr. Chandrakant Mokal (Chairman)


Suvarnadurga Shipping & Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.is a Company which is started by Dr. Mokal C.J. (Ex. MLA, Dapoli - Mandangad) with Dr. Mokal Y.C. as a Managing Director, in October 2003. We have skilled Staff of about 65 at different sites. We have approved Ticket Rates & all necessary permits by Maharashtra Maritime board with Annual Inspections for requirements on Ferry Boat . Company is very particular about all life guarding apparatus on Ferry boat, for the safety of tourists & public. Company Pay the Tax in the form of leavy by each ferry boat to the Government of about- four lakhs per year.
We began by starting a Ferry- Boat Service at Dabhol- Dhopave, which was a first Ferry Boat Service in Maharashtra. Before this ferry boat service there was no substitute for Dapoli to Guhagar journey, except Straight Highway ( NH . 17 ) & that was too expensive in the form of money & time. Using ferry boat, you save a road journey by about 3 hrs. & fuel as well. Its also a relief from cumbersome Road Traffic & mishaps on the highway.
After Successful Service in Dabhol; we started another service in Veshvi – Bagmandle. This time we made a shortcut for traveling from Veshvi (Ratnagiri) to Bagmandle (Raigad). By the time, we had great confidence in our services, and we started a new ferry at Tawsal (Guhagar) to Jaigad (Ratnagiri). After this huge success we took an advantage to start ferry services At Rohini – Agardande.

Suvarnadurga Shipping and Marine Services is the transportation company that serves the Nation & saves most valuable fuel.

We hope, you will enjoy our Safe, Quick and Refreshing Ferry Services all the time.



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