Dighi – Agardande Ferry Boat Service


Location: Dighi 30 kms from Shrivardhan ( Tal. Shrivardhan) & Agardande 7 km from Murud (Tal. Murud)


Development of tourism and fishing is the main aim of this ferry service. As this location happens to be near Mumbai, it is a great boon to Mumbaites, because Alibaug, one of their favourite destinations is now within the reach because of this exciting service. Locations like Murud- Janjeera, Kashid beach (famous for bird watching) can be covered easily.

Fish like Pomfret, Rawas, Prawns are abundantly available in Deeghee Creek. Previously local fishermen had no market for these commercially valuable fish family. Ferry service has changed the whole scenario. Now, because of better and easy transportation facility,  fresh fish can be made available from Deghee to Alibag, Mumbai and some other destinations.

One of the advantages of this ferry service is that, you get directly connected to NH -17 and then either to Murud – Janjeera, Rewas, or to Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan. Ferry service link to Veshvi- bagmandale, Dabhol – Dhopave & Tawsal – Jaigad gives a memorable experience.


You may contact for further details at: +91 8550999886 / +91 8550999887

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