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Ferry Services


Dabhol Dhopave

Dabhol – Dhopave

The very first site which was started on 21.10.2003 & constantly working since its first day at all times and in all seasons.

Jaigad Tawsal Thumb

Jaigad – Tawsal

This Ferry service was started for the easy & better transportation from Guhagar & Ratnagiri thus making Guhagar tehesil easily accessible.

Jaigad Tawsal Thumb

Vasai – Bhayander

Suvarnadurga Shipping & Marine Ser.Pvt Ltd recently got the opportunity to Serve People in Vasai, Bhayander.
This is the SEVENTH route by SSMS

Dighi Agardande Thumb

Dighi – Agardande

This Ferry service is oriented towards Tourism & Fishing . Many tourists started preferring their weekends at Alibaug & nearby lovely places.

Veshvi Bagmandale Thumb

Veshvi – Bagmandale

This service was started in 2007 & saved lots of time and hassle for transportation from Raigad to Ratnagiri.

Ambet Mahpral Thumb

Ambet – Mahpral

(Currently CLOSED)

Ambet – Mahpral Ferry not only saves Fuel but also saves Time & money as it gives you a Shorter path to travel TOTALLY FREE !!

Enjoy Our Cruise Service

Now a days tourism had flourished well in ‘Konkan Region’. Tourist are always seeking for something new and exciting. Keeping in view this need, we have started CRUISE service like Goa- cruise at various seasons.

Give it a Go !

A programme of about an hour, consists various entertaining programs and cultural activities like Kokani Cultural Events, Goan Fusion, DJ night, Deck Dance for couples, Special games for kids, various Game Shows along with fresh Kokani delicious food on cruise.

Being a seasonal service, arrangements are made only during some months & advance booking is necessary for hassle free experience.

Cruise Service

Exclusive Inland Service

This is a special transportation service for various Materials & Machines at desirable locations.

Inland Services

Easy Transportation

As there are many ports in Kokan region, transportation of various products from one location to another through sea has become a necessity. Ferry- Service comes to help for transporting heavy machines like cranes, fork lanes (JCB), boaring machines, large tankers or any other heavy material which is tedious to transport by road.

As this is a special service, charges depend upon weight, distance, waiting time, fuel & labour etc.

This service is started for the economic transportation of heavy materials conveniently through water with proper safety.