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Making it convenient to travel from Dapoli to Guhagar or vice versa through road and ferry combination.

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The very first site started by Suvarnadurga shipping & Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. Since 21st October 2003, this ferryboat service is constantly busy and has continued its service irrespective of adverse weather conditions.

Dabhol is twenty-seven kilometers away from Dapoli. Both these destinations have great places to visit and marvelous tourist spots. Dapoli, also called as Mini – Mahabaleshwar because of its cool & soothing environment. Fresh Seafood is Dapoli’s specialty.

Dapoli is also famous for ‘Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth’ an Agricultural University. Dapoli Homeopathic Medical College, Agril. Engineering College and some other educational institutes have made Dapoli the greatest educational hub. Stay at Dapoli will be convenient as there is a great choice amongst luxury hotels, resorts, bungalows and second homes.

As far as road distance is concerned, approximate distance from following locations to Dapoli is as Mumbai-220 km, Poona-220 km, Kolhapur-220 km, Satara- 150 km, Sangali -180 km, Mahabalshwar – 100 km.

Guhaghar is a lovely location along with amazing clean beaches & temples. It is also known for ENRON Power Project. Famous ‘Gopal Gad’ fort is located at Hedvi, near Guhaghar. Velneshwar is one of the favorite destinations you may visit. ‘GanpatiPule’, Ratnagiri is mere 66 kilometers from Guhaghar. Dhopave is fourteen kilometers from Guhagar for the Ferry destination. Guhagar is easily approachable from Poona :270 km, Mumbai: 270 km, Kolhapur: 180 km, Satara: 150 km, Karad :100 km, Sangali-130 km.

There are many resorts, lake resorts, hotels, bungalows & second homes also in Guhagar which take complete care of your stay. Home stay with home food is one of the concepts you may try at Guhagar.

Dapoli & Guhaghar were not easily accessible before ferry boat service. Now, it is very convenient to travel from Dapoli to Guhagar or vice versa through road and ferry combination.

Dapoli tour can be managed within one or two days depending on the tourists spots you want to visit. Similarly, Guhagar visit may take one or two days 1-2 days. A sweet & short Holiday Package with nice seafood & konkani food thus can be arranged for these locations & this has become possible due to ferry service.

Ferryes are connected with each other too. You have choice of Dabhol- Dhopave Ferry for Ratnagiri visit, ferry service at Tawsal -Jaigad (Guhagar –Ratnagiri). Shriwardhan, Harihareshwar, Dive-Agar can be visited through Veshvi – Bagmandale (Mandangad-Dapoli – Raigad). You may extend your route up to Alibaug, Murud janjeera through Rohini- Agardanda Ferry boat Service (Shrivardhan – Murud, Raigad).

Thus, his ferry service proves to be miraculously useful to connect the dots through your destination routes …!

Contact Details : Dabhol- 02348-248900/ 9767248900 , Dhopave – 7709250800